Hi, I'm Han Hong!

Han is known to be the "bridge builder" when it comes to making connection. He is a Bridge Engineer in the US Army and a Software Engineer in civilian life, that’s learned it pains to leave any gaps in the details. A programming nerd, an experienced sales consultant and a seasoned team player, Han is sometimes refered to as the "Army Swiss Knife" who can fare well in any roles. His philoshophy is simple, "Do what you love, love what you do and do what you have to" stressing the balance between passions and resposibilities. With this in mind, Han never hesistate breaching out of his comfort zone to learn new and better things. Feel free to contact him anytime at han.hong.alba-golf.com.

Technical Expertises

I'm a senior in Computer Science at Texas A&M Unversity. Currently, I'm working for a start-up company called Alba Technologies LLC as a Lead Software Engineer. I can say I'm very well versed in programming, but industry wise, my feet is still wet!

  • Languages: C++, C, C#, Java, JavaScript, React Native, SQLite, Python
  • Tools: Visual Studio, Jira, Eclipse, Android Studio, XCode, Git
  • Methodologies: Agile/Scrum Environment, TCP/IP Protocol,Courses
  • Favortie Courses: Network Security, Information Retrieval, Database Systems

Personal Projects

I did a wide varieties of projects ranging from purely front end to back end. I do prefer myself to be a full stack developer from time to time, however if I have to choose backend to me is more intriguing.

Wear OS Application

Develop a fall alert medical application for TicWatch.
Developed an Android app to utilize wearable device sensors.
Detect fall and send notifications to designated contact.

Sensor Chaining

Mix SPI and I²C channels for identical sensors.
Removed the need for a multiplexer when chaining identical sensors.
Enabled custom calibration for each sensor.

Simple React Native Application

Utilize React Native library to build an application.
Limited backend using AsyncStorage to mimic database.
Fetch crawled data and display game titles of interest.


I'm a true coffee enthusiast. It's sad that there are alot of heavy coffee consumers who doesn't know what a good cup of coffee tastes like.

The Art of Making Coffee

I can make you any coffee that Starbucks offer but better!!
My favorite drink is the Cortado!
I do believe milk at low boil temperture produce the sweetest profile taste
My second favorite drink is a Matcha Machiatto.
It is a double shot of espresso combining with a serving of matcha powder, very powerfull stuff!
I ditched out of purchasing my Aggie Ring and got certified as a barista instead. So far it was the best decision I ever made! My espresso machine has been running every morning since, perfect pull shots almost everytime!! (Yes I'm bragging).


I just recently picked up weight lifting and sports in general. As a programmer, it's very easy to become static and gain an insane amount of weight! I stepped out of comforting bed and start workout as early as 4am (do what you have to do) every since November of 2017. It has been a great journey as my body has changed dramatically! Gotta keep 'movin'!